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HUF, streetwear brand, characterized by hyper-colored prints.

Sometimes the simple things are those that reach the goal first. Think of stars and stars. Or for example with marija leaves; just put them on a piece of clothing to sell it in an instant, creating a true all-over pattern.

This is one of the sales secrets of Huf, a brand that is actually much more than this and has a history that deserves great respect and has undoubtedly reserved a large chapter in the Streetwear book.

The brand is named after its founder Keith Hufnagel, who grew up in the late 80s in New York. In those days skateboarding was not accepted: it was punk rock, it was hip-hop, it was part of a counterculture of the marginalized misunderstood by the masses. It was a lifestyle that would end up modeling the life of Hufnagel, who later moved to San Francisco to follow his passion and become a professional skateboarder, a fact that led him to travel halfway around the world also supported by the sector.

For this, Hufnagel sees the possibility of returning something to that same community that had raised him, and opens a small boutique in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco; space with the aim of bringing together under one roof the most respected brands that skateboarding, streetwear and sneaker-communities had to offer. Hufnaghel calls his HUFe store, and the store quickly ends up being recognized as the best supplier in the Bay Area for hard-to-find products.

With its rapid and increased popularity, Hufnagel feels the need to launch his line, HUF, assimilating a world and a philosophy of life into a label. A decade after its inception, HUF has evolved into an independent manufacturer of premium clothing, footwear and skateboarding products.

The HUF style is characterized by hyper-colored prints, in addition to the unmistakable pattern of marija leaves in a thousand colors, present on t-shirts, socks and caps. A style that has always been conceived by a skaeboarder for skateboarders, which however is leaving its world to influence the entire fashion scene.

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